About Nextteq

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Nextteq LLC is a trusted, global leader in the industrial hygiene and safety industries. We are a focused, results-driven organization with a management team comprised of entrepreneurs, PhD chemists, and certified industrial hygienists.

Better Quality, Better Technology, and Better Value

Our goal is to provide advanced solutions—incorporating better technology, better quality, and better value—that will meet your detection and application needs today as well as tomorrow. To achieve this goal, we carefully monitor regulatory activities, we keep abreast of emerging technologies, and most importantly, we listen. Whether you are an Authorized Nextteq distributor, a distributor’s representative, a distributor’s customer, or a direct user of our products, Nextteq listens to your detection and application needs. As a result, Nextteq has been first to market with a variety of successful solutions including our all-in-one, patented plastic irritant smoke generators for respirator fit testing.

Our PhD chemists and certified industrial hygienists are continually working to solve detection and application solutions through product development. Combining the desire to provide simple, easy-to-use, and advanced solutions with a strong commitment to research and development enables Nextteq to be at the forefront of product innovations. Addressing and resolving your needs is a key factor in our success. With a growing number of patents and strategic alliances with R & D firms, we will continue to provide superior products today and tomorrow.

In addition to providing our own products, Nextteq is the exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor for the Gastec Corporation’s detector tube and pump systems. For more information on Gastec Corporation, please click here.

We have a wealth of knowledge to address your questions and provide you the best solution, products, and support the industry has to offer.

Established Distribution with 24-Hour Support

Nextteq's distribution network is an excellent means of distributing industrial hygiene and safety products. We currently have hundreds of stocking distributors in the United States. Our distributors have been supplying chemical detection and related products for a significant length of time and are highly knowledgeable about the products they sell and support.

Independent sales/manufacturing representatives train our distributors and make end user calls, with the backing of Nextteq’s Vice President of Sales.

Our inside sales/customer service department is one of the best in the industry. This highly skilled and responsive team is available to answer technical, product, support, and shipping questions. Certified industrial hygienists are available for in-depth product consultation. Our customer service support is complemented by a large inventory of products that enables us to ship most orders the same day the orders are received.

When the health of a community or the environment is at risk from a chemical spill or other hazard, First Responders can count on Nextteq. Our around-the-clock emergency customer service enables us to immediately respond to a crisis and ship the required products.

All of our product offerings are organized into four product categories:

For more information about your solution needs, please contact us at:

Nextteq LLC
8406 Benjamin Rd. Ste. J
Tampa, FL 33634

Tel: 813-249-5888
Toll Free Tel: 877-312-2333

Fax: 813-249-0188
Toll Free Fax: 877-312-2444

Hours: Our Tampa, Florida office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM EST.

Emergency service is available 24 hours daily.

Nextteq's Emergency Customer Service Team is available anytime of the day or night to assist with urgent needs for products or product information. Please telephone us at 877-312-2333 to receive instructions for emergency product assistance.