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Detector Tube for Methyl Iodide Vapors - Friday, January 27, 2012

"Measure Methyl Iodide with Gastec Detector Tube 230"

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Detector Tube for Methyl Iodide Vapors
Measure Methyl Iodide with Gastec Detector Tube 230

TAMPA, FL (January 20, 2012) – Nextteq LLC announces the release of Gastec Detector Tube No. 230 for Methyl Iodide. With a detection range of 0.5-108 ppm, Tube No. 230 offers the lowest detection limit for any colorimetric methyl iodide detector tube in the industry.

Methyl Iodide is used to manufacture some pharmaceuticals and pesticides, is highly toxic, and has a TLV-TWA set at 2 ppm (there is currently no TLV-STEL for methyl iodide). Using only 2 pump strokes with the Gastec pump (range = 1-20 ppm), Tube No. 230 gives you a clear indication of worker exposure concentrations in approximately 3 minutes, a full minute faster than competitor’s colorimetric methyl iodide detector tubes. Gastec Tube No. 230 does not require a pretreatment tube like another competitor’s methyl iodide tube and offers a two year shelf life – three times longer than a competitor’s low range methyl iodide tube.

Gastec’s pre-calibrated detector tubes are the direct-read type with a single calibration scale printed on each tube so measurement can be made as simply as reading a thermometer. With a single scale printed on each tube you avoid confusion and delays associated with dual scales and missing or misplaced scale cards and graphs.

Designed for accuracy and precision, Gastec’s unique absorbing media provides stable, long-term shelf life and high resolution with clear distinct lines of demarcation making quantitative results easy to see and reduces measuring errors.

"In addition to its targeted measuring range and longer shelf life, Gastec Tube No. 230 offers improved accuracy relative to the TLV compared to the competition," stated Bryan Truex , Chief Executive Officer of Nextteq LLC.

For measuring higher levels of methyl iodide, Nextteq offers Gastec Tube No. 230H with a measuring range of 100 – 34800 ppm.

Gastec Sampling Pumps eliminate the risk of partial samples via the pumps’ one-stroke, piston design. A unique flow finish indicator lets you know when a full (100 ml) or half (50 ml) pump stroke is complete. Fewer, more precise pump strokes improve sampling accuracy.

Gastec quality is unsurpassed. Gastec was the first manufacturer to obtain 21 detector tube certifications from the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI). Gastec has more SEI-certified detector tubes than any other manufacturer. To ensure the highest level of quality, Gastec products are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities. Additionally, Gastec Detector Tubes and Gas Sampling Pumps are designed, manufactured, and calibrated to work together to produce accurate readings.

Gastec Detector Tubes and Gas Sampling Pumps are manufactured by Gastec Corporation. Nextteq LLC is Gastec’s exclusive master wholesale distributor.

For more information, contact Nextteq at 877-312-2333.

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About Gastec Corporation

Gastec Corporation of Japan has been manufacturing gas detector tubes, pumps, and accessories for more than 40 years. Gastec manufactures more than 250 gas detector tubes, measuring the presence of over 600 substances. Gastec detector tubes are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities in Japan and are sold worldwide through a network of distributors. No other manufacturer has more detector tubes certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) than Gastec.