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Airtec Regulator Kits - Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Detects Most Common Contaminants in Compressed Gas"

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Airtec Regulator Kits
Detects Most Common Contaminants in Compressed Gas

Airtec Regulator Kits for Testing Compressed Gas/Supplied Air

Nextteq's Airtec Regulator Kits, featuring Gastec tubes, provide a simple method for detecting contaminants in compressed gas and supplied air. The kits detect the five most common contaminants: oil mist, water vapor, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

Everything needed to conduct testing is included in the kits—no batteries or electric power required. Airtec Regulator Kits are intrinsically safe, do not require sensor calibration, and are always ready to use anytime, anywhere. The kits are lightweight and easy to transport to any test site. With no extensive training, non-technical personnel can easily use Airtec products.

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