Clandestine Lab Kit

Nextteq's Clandestine Lab Kit, featuring Gastec Gas Sampling Pump and Detector Tubes, contains everything you need to analyze gases typically present during the production of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs.

The pre-calibrated detector tubes provide accurate results with lower detection limits than a leading competitor. Nextteq’s Clandestine Lab Kit measures the following gases and vapors with precise, quantitative, on-the-spot results:

  1. Acid Gases
  2. Ammonia
  3. Hydrogen Chloride
  4. Phosgene
  5. Phosphine

Nextteq's Clandestine Lab Kit is intrinsically safe, portable, and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

Contents: Model GV-100 Pump Kit (GV-100-S-TR), Detector Tube Handbook, Hard Shell Carrying Case, Acid gases Tube (80), Ammonia Tube (3L), Hydrogen chloride Tube (14L), Phosgene Tube (16), and Phosphine Tube (7L).

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