Deluxe HazMat Kit (without tubes)

Identifies 16 chemicals and/or chemical warfare agents

Nextteq HazMat Kits offer fast, accurate, on-the-spot identification of unknown chemicals. Featuring Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes, the kits are always ready and easy to transport. Because there is no calibration, batteries, or electrical power required, the kits can be safely used anytime, anywhere. On-the-spot results save time and money with no waiting for expensive laboratory analysis.

Contents: Model GV-100 Pump Kit (GV-100-S-TR), Detector Tube Handbook, hard shell carrying case, 5 meter extension hose, lightsticks, Decision Chart I, Irritant Smoke Tube Kit, M8 detection paper, tweezers.

Associated Files:
Manual PDF pdfs/HazMat_Brochure.pdf
Brochure PDF pdfs/HazMat_Brochure.pdf