3 Liter (3.17 qt) Sample Bag

Nextteq Sampling Bags offer convenient and accurate storage for gas samples. Made of high quality Tedlar film, the bags resist gas permeation, assuring sample integrity and validity. Additionally, the Tedlar film is inert and will not alter the composition of the sampled gas.

The durable bags are reusable and offer a long service life. With an operating temperature range of -98ºF to 225ºF (-72ºC to 107ºC), the bags can be used in virtually any environment.

Each bag includes a unique fitting that consolidates the hose/valve and septum into one convenient device for attaching to the Gastec Gas Sampling Pump.

The 3 liter sample bag is 9.5 inches x 10 inches.

Contents: 3 Liter (3.17 qt) sample bag with tubing to attach to GV-100 or GV-110 pump.

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