Thermal Ring Kit

Nextteq offers the first and only gas sampling pump with on-the-spot measurement of ambient temperature. Nextteq's patented Thermal Ring is a paper-thin innovation encircling the base of your sampling pump that accurately displays ambient temperature at 9°F intervals from 32°F to 104°F.

Ambient temperature is an important consideration when measuring certain chemicals with any sampling pump and detector tube system. Detector tubes are calibrated at a specific temperature and increases or decreases from this temperature can impact the reading. Results from under-reported or over-reported chemical levels can create an unsafe condition.

Although the majority of Gastec detector tubes are not impacted by ambient temperature, Nextteq has included the Thermal Ring on your Gastec Gas Sampling Pump for your convenience. Individual Gastec detector tube instruction sheets note whether ambient temperature should be considered during testing.

A Thermal Ring is included on both the GV-100 pump and the GV-110 pump in the following Gastec Gas Sampling Pump Kits: GV-100-S-TR, GV-100-SOHA-TR, GV-110-S-TR, and GV-110-SOHA-TR. A Thermal Ring Kit (TRK-GV-100) is available for retrofitting Gastec pumps already in the field. The Thermal Ring is easy to use, always ready, intrinsically safe, and perfectly calibrated to work with Gastec Gas Sampling Systems.

Contents: Thermal Ring for retrofitting Gastec Gas Sampling Pump, with warning label and instruction card

Associated Files:
Manual PDF /pdfs/Thermal-Ring-Instruction-Card.pdf
SDS PDF /pdfs/Thermal-Ring-How-to-Read-Card.pdf
Brochure PDF /pdfs/Thermal-Ring-Flyer.pdf