Deluxe Airtec Regulator Kit

Nextteq Airtec Regulator Kits include everything needed to measure contaminant levels in compressed gas and supplied air. With no batteries or electric power required, the portable kits are intrinsically safe and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Nextteq Airtec Regulator Kits, featuring Gastec Airtec Tubes, can detect the 5 most common contaminants in compressed gas and supplied air:

  1. Oil Mist
  2. Water Vapor
  3. Nitrogen Oxide
  4. Carbon Dioxide
  5. Carbon Monoxide

The kits do not require sensor calibration and are always ready to use. Non-technical personnel can easily use the kits without extensive training.

Contents: Airtec regulator assembly, rubber shroud tube holder, Detector Tube Handbook, manual, box of 10 carbon monoxide tubes (1A), box of 10 carbon dioxide tubes (2AG), box of 10 water vapor tubes (6A), box of 10 water vapor tubes (6AG), box of 10 oil mist tubes (109AD), & hard shell case.

Associated Files:
Manual PDF pdfs/Airtec_Manual.pdf
Brochure PDF pdfs/Airtec_Kit_with_Tubes.pdf