Nextteq's Water and Soil Analysis Products

Water and Soil Analysis Environmental testing can often pose significant logistical challenges and consume significant amounts of time. For example, depending on test results, additional sampling may be required to delineate pollution zones. If test results are not available on-site, the tester is forced to return to the sample site to resume testing. Nextteq's line of water and soil analysis products are designed for optimal convenience and portability. They provide on-the-spot results, reduce the number of trips to remote locations, and reduce the amount of testing time required.

Gastec Solution Detector Tubes provide fast, economical, on-the-spot detection of trace chemicals in liquids. Simply place the highly sensitive tube in a sample of the target solution. Accurate results are available in 5 minutes or less. The tubes are easy to use and do not require mixing, pumps, calibration, equipment, or accessories.

Screening for soil contamination is fast and accurate using Gastec's Field Soil Test Equipment. Users can easily create sampling holes up to 33.5 inches deep with the kit's sturdy boring pole. Plumes can be quickly delineated from leaking underground tanks or chemical spills. The equipment is ready to use anytime, anywhere—no extra equipment, lab analysis, or testing is necessary.