Field Soil Detector Tubes

Gastec Detector Tubes for Field Soil Testing make analyzing ground contaminants fast and convenient. Plumes can be easily and quickly delineated from leaking underground tanks or chemical spills. Gastec Detector Tubes are ready to use anytime, anywhere - no lab analysis or extra testing necessary.

NOTE: Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. For the most current information, contact Nextteq Customer Service at 877-312-2333 x 20.

The instruction sheets represented here are examples of the typical instructions for each part number. The actual instruction sheet found in each box of Gastec detector tubes may vary slightly for each lot number of detector tubes from the typical instruction sheet found here. FOR PROPER PERFORMANCE, CONSULT THE ACTUAL INSTRUCTIONS IN EACH BOX OF DETECTOR TUBES.

If you require an additional instruction sheet for your specific lot number of detector tubes, please contact Nextteq Customer Service toll free at 877-312-2333 x20.

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